Language Tutoring

Learning a new language is a rewarding experience. Whether your goal is to communicate more effectively, become more valuable to your business, travel, discover another culture, meet new people, or simply broaden your world view, learning a new language gives life to new opportunities.

Monterey Tutoring provides personal, one-on-one language instruction in the convenience and comfort of your home. Our foreign language tutors are highly educated native speakers.

Languages Taught:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

How Our Tutors Teach

Monterey Tutoring emphasizes the personal approach to language tutoring. We learn about your speaking goals and previous language learning experience. We then match you with one of our qualified native foreign language tutors. Your language tutor will tailor your classes to meet your needs.

Why Monterey Tutoring?

Language learners choose Monterey Tutoring because we teach you to actually SPEAK the language through researched and proven best practices including:

  • Native speaking tutors
  • Tutoring in the convenience of your home
  • Affordable Lessons
  • Regular speaking practice
  • Easy language learning strategies
  • Experienced Tutors
  • Free trial lesson

Monterey Tutoring Focus On Fluency

Despite taking several years of high school and college foreign language classes, many of our customers complain that they still are not able to speak that foreign language they’ve been studying. At Monterey Tutoring, we simplify learning a foreign language by teaching how to communicate in real life situations. Whether you want to make new friends, increase your business opportunities, better serve your customers or patients, or make foreign travel more enjoyable, our classes will properly prepare you. Classes are taught in a simple, straightforward manner by native fluency tutors, helping you to progress rapidly in fun and interactive ways. We provide effective language classes for real life. Don’t sit in another classroom or lecture hall with 50 students just taking notes. Learn to SPEAK the language!

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer flexible schedules, customized lessons, and one-on-one practice with an experienced and fluent tutor. This is a great way for you to make accelerated progress and work around busy schedules. Private lessons are available for all of the languages that we provide with tuition based on lesson options.

Kids Lessons

Anyone can learn a foreign language, but the easiest time to learn is when you are young. Studies show that a child’s brain is wired to learn and retain new languages faster than adults. So why not give your children the gift of language? They will enjoy it for as long as they live, and it will give them major advantages in all aspects of their life: social, academic and professional.