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Today’s schools are more competitive than ever before, as students face mounting pressure from standardized tests, time-crunched teachers, and demanding college admission requirements. Many parents are choosing to hire private tutors to ensure that their children get the quality instruction they need to succeed through college and beyond.

It’s a common misconception that tutors are needed only in extreme cases–there are thousands of very smart students who benefit from one-on-one instruction. By supplementing the limited education your child gets in her crowded classroom, you’ll provide her with benefits that will serve her for years to come:

  • The confidence to learn: It can be scary for your child to ask questions in a room full of her peers. In a private tutoring session, she’ll feel empowered to request the help and clarification she needs to fully grasp key concepts.
  • Higher score: A private tutor will ensure that your child understands difficult material, overcomes test anxiety, and takes exams efficiently, resulting in a higher GPA and a boost in SAT and ACT scores.
  • Opportunity to shine: Time is in short supply for today’s overworked classroom teachers, making it difficult or impossible for them to identify untapped potential. A private instructor will be personally invested in your child’s academic success, helping her advance to a higher level of accomplishment that will give her a key advantage during the college application process.

Why Choose Monterey Tutoring?

As one of the area’s most reputable private tutoring facilities, we provide premium private instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. We’ll work along with your child’s school curriculum, clarifying concepts as they’re taught in class. We offer the following key advantages over other private instructors:

  • Highly qualified tutors.
  • Budget-friendly value and competitive rates
  • Customized programs tailored to your child’s needs
  • Open communication with parents and frequent progress updates
  • Tutoring provided at your home, on your schedule

Long-term academic excellence is dependent on correcting challenges early, before they grow into bigger problems. Regardless of your child’s age, needs, and current skill level, we can custom-tailor an instruction program to give him the foundation he needs to succeed.

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Monterey Tutoring - Online Tutoring

We smoothly transitioned to one-on-one online tutoring, and we are ready to help kids get back on track. Our tutors are experienced in curricula, and many are credentialed teachers.