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Bilingual Advantage

Becoming bilingual opens up a whole new world—a world of different people and different cultures.Learning a second language has many cognitive benefits for people of all ages. For example, learning a new language has been shown to boost brainpower, reduce cognitive biases, and even increase concentration and the ability to tune out distractions.

But, more than cognitive effects, the ability to speak a second language has a ton of social benefits. There’s bliss in having the ability to order food in the waiter’s native language, to eavesdrop on people in an elevator, to impress natives by speaking with and understanding them.

Why most people find it hard to learn a new language

The fact is that are we not taught languages in the ideal way. Students study languages in huge groups and think that a few worksheets and grammar exercises will be enough to learn a language. Yet almost no one actually learns to speak. In actuality, by doing worksheets, we are practicing for just that—worksheets. But if you want to learn to speak, well, you actually have to practice by speaking.

The best way to learn languages is to work one on one with a private tutor—not in group classes. Group classes allow you to sit back and be lazy, while a private tutor gets you to learn. The most important factor is to be an active learner. Most people allow themselves to be taught to, but if you really want to learn a language, tutoring gives you the opportunity to participate.

Learning a language can seem daunting, so the best way to approach it is with the help of a private tutor who has native fluency. So get started today with a FREE lesson.

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