Don S

Don S


Position: Tutor

Qualification: BS chemistry, MBA, PhD Organic Chemistry

After starting his professional life as a research chemist, Don became an electrical engineer designing and building high-frequency microwave components, primarily for military and aerospace applications.

This career path took him to California from Massachusetts, through Michigan, back to Massachusetts and, finally to California again. Although his day job was in high tech, he always thought of himself as a teacher, and, as a result, he always found part-time evening work teaching at a variety of colleges both in Massachusetts and California. Don taught computer programming, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and a variety of math courses at Foothill Junior College, Santa Rosa Junior College, Mt. St. Mary’s College and UCLA to name only a few.

After spending thirty years in high tech, Don retired and pursued his original career intention, teaching. He continued to teach evenings at various schools, but also taught full time at two college preparatory high schools in the Santa Cruz-Monterey area. He was chairman of the math/science department at both of these schools, in addition to being the Dean of Discipline and golf coach. While at these schools he taught both AP calculus and AP chemistry. He is proud to say 85% of his AP students passed the AP exam.

After re-retiring, Don started tutoring in the Monterey Bay area, adding SAT and ACT prep to the subjects he offers. He has been tutoring for about seven years.

In his spare time, Don restored a 1968 Chevy Malibu, joined the board of a home owner’s association and did volunteer work focused on improving the livability of elders’ homes. He is an avid woodworker and gardener, maintaining his yard in Aptos while making tables, headboards, and shelving.

Subjects Tutored: Chemistry, Physics, Math, SAT/ACT prep