Ashley S

Ashley S


Position: Tutor

Ashley lives in Marina with her family and their pet bearded dragon named Luno Dinosaur. She has been working with students, both in academic and childcare settings, for almost 15 years, and she is currently a preschool teacher.

Her tutoring experience includes working at Kumon Math and Reading Center, where she provided supplemental learning assistance for students from the ages of 3-15 years. She has also worked at the International School of Monterey as an after-school tutor to provide homework help and other learning assistance for students in 3rd to 8th grades.
Ashley worked with UC Santa Cruz as an Academic Intern for Monterey High School. This position required continuity of academic assistance for students from freshmen to senior year in math. She is proud to say that all the students that she has worked with who struggled in math have successfully graduated high school and most have attended college.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Brandman University and an Associate’s Degree in Anthropology from Monterey Peninsula College. She is currently working on her Masters in Education with an emphasis in Leadership in Early Childhood Education.

As an educator, she believes that each child has their own personality and should be taught based on their personal needs and interests. Collaboration with their parents is also essential and does impact the outcome of their development greatly. She also believes that learning should be “play-based learning in which children will be able to develop fundamentals such as increased reading and language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive and social/emotional development. Learning through play should be done in an environment (both in indoor and outdoor settings) that not only evokes a sense of wonder and creativity, but also a sense of warmth and security. It should also provide a sufficient amount of material for the children to explore, be creative, and elicit interactions amongst learning participants.