Alexander I

Alexander I


Position: Tutor

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and French

Alexander double majored in pre-professional (math/model intensive) economics and French at Whittier College. Originally someone whose least favorite high school class was Spanish, Alexander decided to give foreign languages another shot by enrolling in beginner French his sophomore year. He learned to not only love the language but also developed wanderlust to learn many other ones. The combination of learning international economics as well as French helped Alexander understand the importance (as well as the joy) of communicating with and understanding people of different countries/cultures. Within two years, Alexander became qualified to tutor his fellow undergrads at Whittier.

In 2012, Alexander self-taught himself Portuguese and within six months became proficient enough to teach English to people in Brazil via the Internet. Alexander’s technique involves full-on immersion into the language in which the student picks up sentences and phrases instead of words and constructs his/her own sentences and phrases instead of filling out conjugation tables and memorizing lists of words. He hopes to foster in students the same desire to learn a foreign language as well as the most efficient ways to learn it.

Alexander also scored a 99/100 on the GRE writing test and offers copyediting for college papers/essays.

Subjects Tutored: French