Alexander D

Alexander D


Position: Tutor

Qualification: Master's degree in Mathematics

Alexander has been tutoring for six years, with a large focus on mathematics and physics. During his last semester at Mt San Antonio College, he was a tutor in their STEM Center for physics. He is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Mathematics at UC Santa Cruz, with the intent to eventually teach Mathematics at a junior college.

His objective is to explain concepts in an intuitive fashion rather than rote memorization of procedures. By breaking problems down and translating them into a language that students can process and understand, he helps students of all levels to build their own confidence, which encourages independent growth. He feels this approach makes it possible to generalize strategies for solving problems and enables students to tackle similar problems moving forward. It’s not enough to know how to solve one problem one time, but rather to develop the skills and techniques to solve most problems most of the time.

Alex is a compassionate, dedicated, and energetic individual who feels comfortable explaining math topics for whatever level is being learned.

Alex readily helps students with the material they are working on now, and he can also identify the concepts they may have missed so they will have a complete understanding of what they are working on now.