Social Studies and History Tutoring

Memorizing dates, names, countries, and battles can make social studies and history classes very challenging for students. Yet, this is a vital part of many social studies curricula, so in order to succeed, students must learn to master these skills. Social studies and history tutoring can help students learn tricks that make memorizing this necessary information easier while simultaneously helping them develop the reasoning and critical thinking skills required to apply this information.

Building Confidence in Challenging Subjects

We find that many of the students who require social studies tutoring come to us feeling defeated. Some of them lack an appreciation for history while others simply struggle to retain facts. Our tutors are trained to use the child’s learning styles and interests to make lessons fun and engaging. They are also well-equipped to teach mnemonic devices and other memory strategies to make learning facts and dates almost effortless.

As the tutoring progresses, we find that social studies and history often become our students’ favorite subjects. We attribute this to our tutors’ ability to make the content interesting while building the child’s confidence through successful interaction with the subject matter. There’s nothing more exciting that seeing a student transform from a reluctant learner into one who is passionate about history!

Our social studies and history tutors will not only help your child improve their grades but also make it fun to learn the subject. Our well-trained, professional tutors love working with children who need an extra boost to become successful in school or gain the confidence they need to shine academically in all subjects including history and social studies.