Science Tutoring

Our tutoring service is designed to help students in all subject areas including science. Many students have challenging science classes like chemistry, physics, and anatomy. Our science tutoring programs help students who are either struggling to learn the fundamental elements of science or who are having difficulty mastering the advanced science courses that are required for graduation.

Expert Science Tutors

Our science tutors are knowledgeable science teachers who are familiar with the state standards and curricula. They know about the best practices that help students learn these challenging subjects. Under the care of our experienced tutors, students will learn the specialized content as well as reading, vocabulary, and math involved in many science classes.

Fundamental Science Skills

Knowing the basics of science such as the scientific method, observing, collecting, and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions is crucial to a child’s later success in advanced science courses. Our highly-trained science tutors work with students of all grade levels and abilities to build these fundamental skills while simultaneously fostering a life-long love of science.

Tutoring for Advanced Coursework

We not only prepare students to handle the difficult course work to help them master their grade-level curriculum, but we also help students get ahead of their classmates. In today’s competitive collegiate world, high school students applying to colleges need to have a transcript and resume that sets them apart from the rest. Mastering the content in advanced science classes shows college admissions officers that students are ready to tackle the challenging content of college level courses.

Science tutoring does not just involve learning difficult concepts, but it can also involve real world problem solving. Our Science tutors can help make learning fun and engaging with simple activities using household materials or use online resources to access engaging instructional tools. In doing so, they accommodate a variety of different learning styles while keeping even the most reluctant student engaged.