SAT II Subject Test Tutoring

If you know anything about college admissions requirements, you have no doubt heard of the SAT, but you may not necessarily know about the SAT II. As college admissions have become more competitive, many colleges are recommending that students take some of the SAT II tests, or the SAT Subject Tests. If your child has received a recommendation to take any of these tests, SAT II tutoring is the best way to ensure their success.

Subject Tests for College Admissions

Colleges recommend that students take the SAT II tests in subjects that they have excelled in at school. Since students are already competent in the subject areas for these tests, SAT II tutoring will focus on the test-taking skills that will help them showcase their strengths and get into the colleges of their dreams.

SAT II tutoring helps students with test-taking skills like eliminating answer choices, looking for key words, and managing time. These skills will help students master the test and impress the college admissions committee.

How We Can Help

Our tutors are experts at college admissions tests. Therefore, our tutoring students routinely earn high scores on their SAT II tests after learning test-taking skills from our professional tutors. These tutors work hard to build a great rapport with their students so the students feel comfortable about asking questions and getting clarification when needed.

Boosting Confidence Yields Results

Tutoring not only helps students master subjects that they’re weak in, but it can also be used to boost students’ confidence. Many students become anxious when they are taking tests, and the high stakes college acceptance tests can provoke anxiety more than any other test. Enrolling high school juniors and seniors in tutoring programs like SAT II tutoring will help calm their nerves. As you might expect, when students’ anxiety levels drop, they perform better on high stakes tests.

SAT II tutoring is an easy and effective way to help high school students perform better on the subject area tests, so that they can achieve the scores they need to fulfill their dreams.