ISEE Tutoring

Students who are preparing to enter an independent school, like a college-prep school or magnet school, for instance, are often required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam, or ISEE test. This test measures a student’s abilities and ranking against other students and allows independent school admissions officers to know whether or not a student is academically prepared to enter their school. If you’re concerned about your child’s ability to perform well on this exam, individual ISEE tutoring can help!

ISEE Test-Taking Skills

Many of the children who take the ISEE test have not had much prior experience with test-taking; therefore, younger children are good candidates for tutoring. Our tutors help students understand the importance of preparing for the test as well as the importance of the test itself. Our ISEE tutors can make preparing for the test fun, so children actually enjoy the process and learn more as a result!

Preparing students for the test with ISEE tutoring is not the same as preparing students for college admissions tests. ISEE test takers are much younger, so we adapt our tutoring methods to the needs of the younger child.Our tutors know how to prepare students of all ages for test taking to help them get the results they are capable of achieving.

Our ISEE tutors also help students manage their time on the tests. Since many high stakes tests are given under strict time conditions, students can become rather nervous about completing the test within the time constraints. Since we administer several practice tests during the course of the tutoring process, your child will be well-prepared to take the test efficiently come test day.

Students who take the ISEE also have to write an essay, and our tutors will help them learn to write the best, age-appropriate essay for the test. Our tutors will also help students write practice essays, reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of their finished pieces.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

Every parent wants their children to be challenged in school, and independent schools often provide the most challenge. When you’re ready to make the financial commitment to enroll your child in a private school, you’ll obviously want your child to perform well on the entrance test. Our ISEE tutoring can help your child earn the score he or she deserves.