GRE Tutoring

The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is required for most college graduates looking to enter graduate school. The GRE tests verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. This challenging test also asks potential graduate students to read graphs and charts, use complex vocabulary, and write an impactful essay. Since this high-stakes test can determine whether or not students get into the graduate programs of their choice, many students choose GRE tutoring as a way to ensure they achieve the best score possible.

Our GRE Prep Approach

When you sign up for GRE tutoring, you can be rest assured that we will take a fully integrated approach to your test preparation. Aided with the best materials and resources available, our experienced GRE tutors will help you sharpen your skill set, identify weaknesses, set goals, assess progress, and create an effective study plan one that will enable you to achieve your desired score. We also utilize practice tests to ensure that you’re as comfortable with the exam as possible prior to the actual testing experience.

GRE Test Taking Skills

Our GRE tutors are well-informed regarding the content and structure of the GRE. Through individualized, one-on-one tutoring, these instructors teach students how to take the test efficiently. Our GRE tutors will teach you the techniques that will enable you to achieve the highest scores. Our GRE tutors will help you to successfully complete the test during the allotted time by teaching how to:

  • Eliminate answers
  • Skim the reading passages
  • Write a complete and appropriate essay
  • Read for keywords
  • Manage time

The GRE scores are crucial for admissions into a good graduate school. Our GRE tutors can help you master the test taking skills and strategies to ensure your success in the GRE tests.