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At Monterey Tutoring, our tutoring programs are built around the idea that one size does not fit all, and we pride ourselves on our customized approach to learning. We know that everyone learns differently, and responds to different teaching methods and different motivational tools. Finding the right tutor for a student is never as simple as matching Algebra student with Algebra tutor; SAT student with SAT tutor not every strategy is right for every single challenge, and not every tutor is right for every single student.

The right tutor is someone with whom the student feels comfortable; someone who can motivate and guide the student towards success. The right tutor is someone who the student feels really gets them; who can be a source of information, and also a mentor, coach, and friend.

Private Consultation

During the consultation we will talk with your child about their learning style, their interests, and the difficulties they might be having with the subject matter. We listen to your concerns and feelings as the parent. We also look at the school’s curriculum, including your child’s recent tests, homework, and textbooks.

We take great care to match each of our students with the right tutor, basing the choice on the student’s individual profile and specific needs, in order to ensure a successful relationship. Once we have selected a tutor we think will be a good match for you, we arrange a tutoring session, to see if you agree. If you think you might click better with another of our tutors, we are more than happy to talk to you about other options. A relationship of mutual trust and respect between tutor and student is essential, and we will work to ensure that you get the right fit before embarking on a tutoring or test prep program.

Assessment Test

Our Tests are comprehensive and help us determine the student’s school grade level and skill gaps. This diagnostic information enables us to tailor our programs to a student’s needs. You will also receive a copy of the diagnostic results.

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