English Tutoring

Language arts class is a challenging course for some students because it encompasses so many different skills. Students not only have to read in English class, but they have to speak, listen, learn grammar and mechanics, and analyze literature and non-fiction. Since there are so many subsets of skills in language arts classes, many students enroll in English tutoring to help them become more successful in these all-important subjects.

Learning to Read

Reading is a skill that many students have difficulty with, and their difficulties have a variety of different causes. Those who make major curriculum decisions do not always assess the developmental prowess of all students, and there are many early elementary students who simply need more instruction to learn how to read. Our expert reading tutors can help these children master the art of literacy! This is the foundation for success in nearly every other curriculum area.

Experienced Language Arts Tutors

Our tutors are capable of helping students succeed in English classes. These tutors are trained educators experienced in all grade levels. After working with our tutoring programs, most of our students exit out of the program reading at a higher grade level and feeling more confident about their literacy skills.

One-on-One Tutoring Builds Confidence

We also help students with the challenges they may have in writing and analyzing literature. Some children simply need more time and one-on-one guidance when it comes time to write. Unfortunately, school teachers who have very large class sizes do not always have the time to devote to one student who needs more time during class when they have to manage a class of thirty and give large group or small group instructions. Because of the writing work that we do during English tutoring, many of our students develop an appreciation for English language and their writing skills improve significantly.

High Stakes Testing

The high stakes college placement tests have many language arts skills built into them. Therefore, students need to prepare for those college placement tests by learning the skills that the tests are measuring. Our English tutoring program will help students perform better on all standardized tests by building a strong literacy foundation.

Learning how to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills a child can learn in school. Some children have difficulty acquiring this vital skill, however, possibly because they need more time or they have not has much reading practice as other children. English tutoring is one of the best ways to help students work their way up to grade level and beyond.