AP Tutoring

Advanced Placement (AP) courses have become increasingly available to high school students, namely juniors and seniors, allowing them to take college classes in high school and even rack up credits that can later be applied towards a degree. AP courses span the curriculum line-up with topics ranging from language and literature to physics and chemistry. The AP program offers exciting opportunities for students to study material in more depth while taking substantial steps toward their futures. Our AP courses tutoring experts are trained to teach students how to master the AP tests in every subject area.

Why AP Course Tutoring?

Many high school students struggle with AP courses because they take so many at once, and they easily become overwhelmed. Since the courses contain college-level curriculum, many teachers expect the students to do reading on their own and study more than they would in a typical course. Some students aren’t used to these high expectations, and they quickly get behind. AP courses tutoring can give them the edge they need to catch up and continue to succeed along their path to college. By teaching test-taking strategies and utilizing practice tests, we help students acquire the skills and confidence they need to score high on the AP exams.

AP Courses Tutoring for Non-AP Students

Some high schools do not offer AP courses, so students take the only available options at their schools. However, these students can opt to take the AP test on their own to earn the college credit and avoid having to take specific courses during their freshmen year. Our AP courses tutoring professionals can help prepare students for the AP tests, especially if they do not have anyone at their school who is trained to do so.

Save Money on College Tuition

Once students pass the AP exams, they then earn credit in a 100-level college course of the same subject. Some high school students master so many AP courses that they enter college with enough credits to be sophomores! AP course tutoring can save you money on college tuition in the long run by assisting students in preparing for and passing these rigorous tests.